Estate Planning
At Jordan ESQ., estate planning starts with you telling us about how you want your property to pass at your death to your beneficiaries.  After working together to determine your values, intentions, and goals for disposing of your estate and implementing your legacy, our firm prepares custom-tailored documents that tell your story in a legally effective and enforceable manner.   

We utilize revocable living trusts backstopped with “pour-over” Wills along with specific guidance regarding structuring beneficiary designations on your assets to craft your comprehensive estate plan.   

This strategy is aimed towards avoiding the probate process and keeping your estate planning documents private.  It also builds in maximum flexibility for minimizing potential estate and gift tax liability. Additionally, it allows inheritances passing to your beneficiaries to be held in trusts for their benefit, creating structure and parameters around a beneficiary’s ability to manage and utilize their inheritance while also affording inheritances a level of creditor and spousal protection. 

This sophisticated planning comprises the heart of our firm’s practice and is our main differentiator.  

Estate planning also means ensuring that you are protected during your lifetime and that your intentions for burial and funeral instructions are effectively carried out by preparing documents such as financial and medical powers of attorney, directives to physicians (living wills), donor cards, burial statements, declarations of guardians, and declarations of guardians for minor children.   

At Jordan ESQ., we endeavor to ensure that you understand what estate planning documents you need to be protected and how they operate to meet your estate planning goals.  That is why all of these documents are explained during our initial consultation as well as during the signing process. 

We look forward to meeting your estate planning goals.  

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