Who we are
We are a relationship based firm that derives our sense of fulfillment from helping our clients plan their legacy. Our most aligned clients actively seek advice and guidance from a team of trusted professionals, which has proven to be mutually beneficial for all.

Our founder, Raymond Carl Jordan, Jr., has been practicing law in Texas since 1982.  After working for a downtown Dallas law firm specializing in tax for over 10 years, he started his own law practice in 1994 after experiencing what he describes as an “entrepreneurial seizure.”  For coming up on nearly 30 years, our law firm has helped hundreds of Texas families decipher and implement their legacies.

Of course, we wouldn't be able to facilitate your legacy without planning for our own. That's why Ray's son, Tyler Jordan, started leading our firm in 2021.  Ray is our firm ambassador and continues to practice and mentor on a daily basis.  Ray is also a CPA and has specialized in assisting clients with navigating complex income and estate tax issues for high and ultra-high-net-worth clients since the inception of our firm. It is with great honor that Tyler carries his father's legacy by continuing to serve Jordan ESQ.’s clients’ needs for generations to come.

Our firm isn't a will mill. We protect our relationships as much as their legacies. Many of our clients have been with us well over 25 years. We are now planning for children and grandchildren of original clients. We grow together.

We aim to create a space where incredibly sensitive family and estate topics can be discussed safely, and to ensure that every client who leaves our office does so with a palpable sense of relief and a newfound peace of mind.  Jordan ESQ. favors a narrative approach to draft our clients’ estate planning intentions into an enforceable overall plan.  After working with a client to determine their values, intentions, and goals for disposing of their estate and implementing their legacy, Jordan ESQ. attorneys craft a Statement of Intent as part of the client’s estate plan that tells the client’s story in their own words. This Statement of Intent serves as a road map and family manifesto for future generations of descendants to connect with while also clearly setting forth the client’s intentions, thereby building in an additional layer of protection in the event of a future contest by a beneficiary or heir.

Jordan ESQ. devotes extra care and attention to ensure that our clients’ estate planning documents are not only effective, but understandable and accessible to our clients, their fiduciaries, and when desired, the beneficiaries of their estates.  

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